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I have fought the good fight. 
I have completed the course. 
I have kept the faith.  
-- 2 Timothy 4.7 

One day our Lord and Savior will come and take us to be with him forever in heaven.  When he comes for us, we will experience fully our position in him.  Until then we need to walk the Way each day and carry out what he calls us to do along the Way so that we may be found faithful to him. 
(John 14.1-4; Matthew 25.21; Revelation 21.1-5; )
The one who is witnessing of these things is saying, "Yes, I am coming quickly."  Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus.  
-- Revelation 22.20
In order to be victorious, the fighter must qualify and then step into the ring for the sound of the bell; then he must punch it out for the scheduled rounds; and at last, he must finish the fight until the final bell peals, even though exhausted, battered, and bruised.  

In order to win the race, the runner must spring from her blocks without a false start; then she must run the length of the course; and finally, she must cross the finish line, even though fatigued and winded.  

In order to be found faithful to Christ, we must have faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord; then we must live by faith in Christ moment by moment throughout the length of our days; and until the end, we must keep the faith until going to be with our Lord, even though tried, tested, and scarred. 

Final Prayer (echoing Jean Valjean): 

"God on high,
hear my prayer. 
Take me now 
to your care. 
Where you are
let me be. 
Take me now,  
take me there. 
Bring me home, 
bring me home."

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